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Slater Steel to Stone Items


Slater STS Handles




Our STS line includes steel parts that can be bolted to atlas stones by using Slater Stone Molds.

KettleStone Handles

Ketttlebell Handle

We have manufactured what we call KettleStone Handles.
These handles allow you to increase weight quickly by bolting on larger or heavier stones to the handle. We sell Slater Atlas Stone Molds starting at 6" going up to 36" in 2" increments for your variety or strength level.

Imagine... You can purchase one handle and this handle can be bolted onto many different weighted stones in a matter of a minute or so.

To bolt on our S.T.S. handles you must make a stone with an accepting S.T.S. Handle Insert.
This is very simple and secure process.
These S.T.S. Handles are laser cut for precision and are very heavy duty.
Make your stones with high strength concrete including our concrete fibers for durable stones.
Please remember if you want a heavier or lighter stone just take your handle and bolt one on.
Great for these lifts
Kettlebell exercises
Farmers Walk
Handle diameter 11/8"

Thomas Inch STS Handle
Thomas Inch Steel to Stone Handle

Once again we are bolting Steel onto Stone to make a great gripping device to help you train for grip strength. You can make an impressive huge grip stone dumbbell with our Thomas Inch STS Handle. Do you desire a 100 pound, 150 pound or 200 pound dumbbell for grip training? Now you can make that impressive bell to help develop great gripping strength or to just have as a challenge lift in your garage gym, gym or training center.

Bolt this handle on to two atlas stones to make a fat handle dumbbell for gripping. Must put the insert into the atlas stone mold once the mold is filled with wet concrete mix. The stone (concrete) must cure with the insert inside the concrete. Once the mix is cured you can bolt the handle on.
Inserts are included with each handle.
Great for these lifts
Gripping events
Handle size is 5" long by 2.5" diameter

STS T-Stone Handle

Power Stairs Steel to Stone Pin

This is an interesting handle that has many functions. This idea was brought to our attention from Louie Simmons when he approached us about fastening handles onto stones so they could be deadlifted between benches or high boxes.
This is an adjustable T-handle made to fit into an atlas stone. Immediately after pouring the stone you must insert handle. The T-handle can be taken  completely off so you can use the stone as a normal atlas stone. The insert stays in the stone.
This is great for deadlifts between boxes, duck walk and power stairs. For power stairs we suggest that you grind a very large flat spot on your stone as a base so the stone does not roll away from you.
Great for these lifts
Sumo deadlifts

Duck walk
Power stairs
Heavy swings
Handle length 9"
, Handle diameter 1 1/4", 
Handle height - Adjustable

STS Farmers Walk Handles
Steel to Stone Farmers Handles

Attach our heavy duty STS Farmers Walk Handles onto your Atlas Stones so you can do stone farmers walk. Farmer walking with stones is a tough exercise or test of strength much like regular farmers walk, but the foot speed is slower due to the stones taking up leg room. Because of this, it requires more shoulder strength as you have to force the stones out to the side, further activating more of the medial deltoids and traps. This exercise also greatly challenges grip.
Great for these lifts
Farmers Walk
Kettlebell exercises
Handle diameter is 1 1/4".



Steel to Stone Farmers Handles


Thomas Inch Steel to Stone Handle




Power Stairs Steel to Stone Pin

 STS KettleStone
STS Farmers Handles STS Thomas Inch Handle

STS T-Stone handle

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