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The Special Order Desk

We are happy to offer a variety of services, one of the services that is used quite often is our special order service.

At Slaters Hardware we make extra effort to find the item that you are looking for. If we don’t have the item we will attempt to special order that item for you. If for some reason we can’t special order the item we will make suggestionas to where you may be able to find that item. If you are looking on our site and you can't find the item your looking for please give us an email or phone call with the description of that item and we will see if we can help. Once the special order is placed you will receive a copy of the order, as will Slaters. Once we receive the order we will tag that item and call you to pick up the item or in most cases, if you desire, the item can be shipped directly to your location.

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Slater's Hardware Special Order Form 

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Along with our services, you’ll receive:

  • Personal Attention!
  • Consultation!
  • Do it yourself tips!
  • Freindly help!

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