Thomas Inch "Replica" Dumbbell

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Made to replicate the Original 172# "Thomas Inch" Dumbbell!

Casted in Rhode Island, USA, this American Made Inch Bell Replica is a first-rate dumbbell made from high quality Ductile Iron. This special iron is rugged and very durable, offering double the strength compared to most grey cast irons. This superior material gives the bell great shock absorption and toughness. 

The Inch Bell Replica weighs approximately 172#. The handle width is about 2 3/8" and the handle length is 4". 

Note: Please be aware that the casting process of this bell causes a slight parting seam that may cause the handle to be slightly off-round. If desired, you can grind this slight parting seam down to make the handle perfectly round. This parting seam is created from the dumbbells pattern and the process of casting such a massive bell. Please email if you have any questions ( 

Shipping: This bell ships using a semi-truck. You can choose pickup (Located at Slater Strength in Lancaster, OH) at checkout. If you would like to have the Inch Bell shipped, please contact us for a shipping quote ( Please send your name and address. If you accept the shipping quote, we will send over a final invoice with shipping included, via email. 

Once ordered, please allow 4 to 6 weeks to receive your Inch Bell Replica.


  • Casted in Rhode Island, USA since 2008 
  • Manufactured using high strength Ductile Iron 
  • Handle Length: 4" (Tolerance:+/- .125") 
  • Handle Diameter: 2.75" (Tolerance:+/- .105")  
  • Weight: Approximately 172 lbs. (Tolerance: + 3% / - 1.5%)  
  • Color and finish: Color is raw cast iron.
  • *Please notice the pictures on this site of the bells finish and texture. Once you receive the dumbbell you may notice slight surface scuffs on the globes of the dumbbell from transport. The surface of the bell has a natural textured cast iron finish. It's advised to occasionally spray a clear enamel, or a color of your choice on the dumbbell for surface rust protection.