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                                                          Slater MonsterBells

These massive dumbbells will help you take your upper body, core and grip strength to the next dimension. The Slater MonsterBell was specifically manufactured to take the look and create the use of the antique dumbbells used by professional strongman over 100 years ago. We have designed these dumbbell's to be weight loadable by adding shot, BB's, coins, sand, or a combination of to bring the weight to your desired level. We have had our 8" MonsterBells up to 202 pounds filled with buck shot and our 12" up to 205 filled with just sand. In addition, these Bells are built X-tra Heavy Duty! The MonsterBell has been used by many top pro strongmen and have been used in many professional strongman competitions. 


*The 8" MonsterBell was the Dumbbell design that we manufactured for the Met-Rx grip challenge at the 06' Arnold Expo used by Jesse Marunde

MonsterBell specs:

6" Slater MonsterBell

  • Weight: Empty - 33lbs
  • Length: 19"
  • Diameter: Bell - 6.62", Handle - 2.5"
  • Loadable Weight: 75+lbs w/ sand and buck shot

8" Slater MonsterBell

  • Weight: Empty - 52lbs
  • Length: 21"
  • Diameter: Bell - 8.62", Handle - 2.5"
  • Loadable Weight: 150+lbs w/ sand and buck shot

 Video Below of Andrew Durniat of Durniat Strength doing a TGU

10" Slater MonsterBell

  • Weight: Empty - 89lbs
  • Length: 25"
  • Diameter: Bell - 10.75", Handle - 2.5"
  • Loadable Weight: 200+lbs w/ sand and buck shot

Video below of  MonsterBell Rows

12" Slater MonsterBell

  • Weight: Empty - 125lbs
  • Length: 29"
  • Diameter: Bell - 12.75", Handle - 3"
  • Loadable Weight: 250+lbs w/ sand and buck shot

Video below of Derek Poundstone training with the 12" MonsterBell






 6" MonsterBell  8" MonsterBell   10" MonsterBell  12" MonsterBell



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