24" Slater Atlas Stone Mold (586lb. Atlas Stone)
24" Slater Atlas Stone Mold (586lb. Atlas Stone)

24" Slater Atlas Stone Mold (586lb. Atlas Stone)

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The 24” Slater Atlas Stone Mold produces a concrete Atlas Stone that weighs approximately 586lbs. Like all of our Atlas Stone Molds, this mold is a multiple-use product, meaning you can expect to make many, many stones with one mold.

For making a lighter stone, we either suggest using a lightweight concrete mix (Sakrete Maximizer Mix, etc.), or adding one of the following Lightening Inserts to your 24” Atlas Stone (link below):

  • 6” Lightening Insert: 10lb Weight Loss (total weight approx. 576lb)
  • 8” Lightening Insert: 25lb Weight Loss (total weight approx. 561lb)
  • 10” Lightening Insert: 42lb Weight Loss (total weight approx. 544lb)
  • 12” Lightening Insert: 70lb Weight Loss (total weight approx. 516lb)

Made in Lancaster, Ohio, U.S.A

One Quick Note: Since we first started, the Slater Atlas Stone Mold has been manufactured by hand in the basement of Slater’s Hardware. Steve Slater and his family are still making the Slater Mold, and we intend to keep it that way as long as we can. When things started growing for us, instead of switching to foreign, outsourced, or robotic production, we decided it would be best to keep the manufacturing at home, providing jobs to family and local community members. In the end, we promise to deliver you a product that will produce a stone we would happily use at the Arnold Classic, World’s Strongest Man, or any other big-stage event you can think of. If you believe we have failed in providing you with this product, we will make it right – no questions asked. 

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