Slater MonsterBell

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The Slater Original MonsterBell was designed as a VERY Heavy Duty Bell to help train for the Thomas Inch Replica Dumbbell. It grew in size to become a fantastic dumbbell for the overhead dumbbell press, and a number of other various exercises. The weight of the bell can be customizable by adding shot, BB's, coins, sand or a combination of to bring the weight to your desired level. 

Size Empty Weight Loaded Weight

Weight Tolerance

Length Diameter
6" MonsterBell 33lb 75lb+ +/- 2lb


Bell: 6.62"

Handle: 2.5"

8" MonsterBell 52lb 150lb+ +/- 3lb 21"

Bell: 8.62"

Handle: 2.5"

10" MonsterBell 85lb 200lb+ +/- 5lb 25"

Bell: 10.75"

Handle: 2.5"

12" MonsterBell 125lb
+/- 10lb 29"

Bell: 12.75"

Handle: 3"